France based chilean composer Lucas Alvarado, has made already a multifaceted and exceptionally out of rules musical carrer who goes from classical music to South American rhythms and electronic music.

Humeul is an electroacoustic chaman who explores tribal sounds, ecstatic experiences and electro-indigenous mixtures.

Huemul is one of Lucas side projects who started in the lyonnais electro-latin- after parties, as a series of Dj sets, who gather a great part of his musical influences, origins and productions, essentially traditional latin american sounds mixed with minimal and house electronics, under a fresh and danceable-ritualic atmosphere.

In this world, music as diverse as colombian cumbia and german minimal electronic, or a sort of deep-techno with psychedelic, and world music are living together.

Huemul proposes a fresh, mystical and experimental trip discovering the sounds from South America and other corners of the world. A Dj set which starts from the most traditional afro-latin rhythms born in the Amazon Jungle mixed with psychedelic sound until the most electronic genres like world-bass, nu-cumbia, ethno-house from Andes mountains and his own ambient sounds, where the cumbia in its different forms, takes the center of the dancing night.