Lucas Alvarado is a chilean musician, performer and composer based in France.

Specialized in ancient bowed instruments, playing viola da gamba, vihuela de arco & violone in early music ensembles.

He is constantly working on musical experimentation, magick, sound researchers, superconscious writings, free improvisation and performance of his own compositions.

As a composer, putting elements from modal and traditional music, electronic, sound art and sounds from the nature while combining a sound range that goes from electroacoustics and soundscapes to instrumental music he develops different projects as a solo and with several musicians from different styles. Lucas has been deeply inspired by the unseen world and the cosmos, using these influences as the foundation of his creative process. With the use of these elements, he creates his own musical language and producing a sound work outcome characterized as peaceful yet mysterious and thrilling.

Since 2013 he is member and co-founder of the Eunk collective, which produces and promotes experimental music in Chile and abroad.

Dyrgaist is his most enigmatic and darkest project, fusing mystical symbols, astral experiences and oneiric landscapes in sounds who can act as a portals to other worlds.

Nowadays Lucas is performing through Europe a repertory on the viola da gamba who starts from the medieval music until contemporary compositions and south american traditional songs; in parallel with his soundscapes and post-music projects such as “Lo Inconcluso Invisible”, “Anatomía de la Vacuidad”, “Svabhabat” and other upcoming performances.

He currently studies early music and viola da gamba at the CNSMD Lyon.