viola da gamba / composer / producer / sound artist / Dj

As musician, Lucas possesses an atypical background and a large spectrum of influences.
In a constantly changing world, he’s contrasting ideas around new music and early music, breaking borders among sonic conceptions and the perception of temporality in art.

Specialized in early bowed string instruments. He’s viola da gamba player, working for different ensembles and solo. Member of La Quinta Pars, dedicated to the instrumental music of the XVI century, and Le Miroir de Phoebus with a repertoire currently focused on XVII century German music.

As a composer he combines a range of sounds from electroacoustic composition and field recordings to instrumental minimalism. He develops solo projects, with other musicians of different styles, as well as mixing other artistic disciplines like contemporary dance and video. Since the beginning Lucas has been deeply inspired by the invisible world, esoterism and the cosmos, using these influences as the foundation of his creative process. He creates his own musical language and produces a sonic result characterized as peaceful, mysterious and exciting.

He holds a strong activity as DJ, mixing a big range of world music with new electronic influences. Member of Maracuyá Lab. His experimental Dj sets combine styles from minimal, house, ambient, noise, dark-techno to world music. Positioning itself as a major DJ in the underground Lyon and France. 

Since 2013, he is a member and co-founder of the Eunk collective, which produces and promotes experimental music and free improvisation in Chile and abroad.

Dyrgaist is his most enigmatic and darkest musical project, mixing mystical symbols, astral experiences and dreamlike landscapes in sounds that serve as portals to other worlds, his musical productions have been published through the label Sombres Soniks and Vnvs Mvndvs.

Innassaah is an experimental duo with Carla Genchi, an Italian singer based in the Netherlands, who mixes electronic, voice and improvisation, inspired by dark and occultist literature. In 2017, they released their first EP. They have performed in France, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany.

He has been also working with other labels like VA Music (Chile), Attenuation Circuit (Germany) and recently Cronica Electronica (Portugal).

Lucas holds a viola da gamba master degree at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Music and Dance of Lyon. And an Erasmus at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater «Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy» in Leipzig.

During 2 years he developed a project called ‘L’alchimie du désespoir’ at the CNSMD Lyon, inspired by alchemy texts, combining the Ars Subtilior music, contemporary dance and the new medias.

Nowadays he’s working as resident artist at Noods radio (UK), Radio Béguin (FR) and Radio Kapital (PL).