“For whom emptiness is possible, everything is possible.”


Under a constant search, as a creator, I’m developing an intime and personal project, using several elements and influences from electronics, instrumental music and sound art.

This is a complex of sensations, materials and concepts which flow from inside my soul trying to go out to the outer world in a simple and intuitive way.

This music is not about melodies and rhythms,

it’s not about black & white,

it doesn’t speak about beauty & ugliness, 

there is no time, nor place in here…

this is about deepness and the indefinable.

His live performances are created spontaneously from new sounds and field recordings made during different journals, different periods and states. In a meditative context, inviting to the public to a unique sonic experience as an immersive way to discover themselves. Lucas proposes an exploration through deep sonorities, ethereal minimalism, isolated frequencies and pervasive soundscapes he has composed and/or recorded in different corners of the world.

By concentrating on our audition and releasing it from other distracting elements, arriving to a rediscovery of our own unconscious. In this invisible sound world, he tries confusedly to find a primal state, and to get one vision (even blind) of the world before and after our existence. 

Listen to Anatomía de la Vacuidad