For a long time I was trying to carry out a dark ambient project, due to a necessity to represent my deepest experiences and sensations. I’m happy because finally I’m getting it.


“Is the darkest sound project of composer Lucas Alvarado, which try to deepen the most hidden and confused mysteries inside the human being and the collective unconscious in the closest relation with the occult nature of everything, searching a final state of reality beyond time and space where mind and universe is one. He experiments in onirical worlds and analyzes astral phenomena as a fountain of eternal inspiration, bringing and translating sensorial experiences that disturb our physical world and bursting any sort of rational consciousness.

About the origin of the name Dyrgaist, I’d like to explain that I’ve created it as a fusion of two archaic words: Dyr represents the animal and the wildness, but also in ancient times the deer is a synonim of Soul. While Gaist comes from the proto-indoeuropean meaning of Ghost, which it would mean also fear, mind and spirit. So, it seems in early times they used to be one word with different meanings or, simply, all these meanings used to be just one thing. Dyrgaist would be translate as StagGhost, DeerSpirit, FearSoul or WildMind.

Call of White Stag is a composition inspired by a series of dreams with visions of the horned god. It reflects a state of apparently peace, he presents very tall, in a misty and frozen forest, he surely seems to be the guardian of the nature and wild life, the reason why he is called the Forest Spirit.”

My first track has been included in this wonderful compilation alongside great artists, available on the label Sombre Soniks:







“Sparkles of Meta-Reallity” digital album:

“En arrivant des paysages inconnus à travers portales”: