I n n a s s a a h 


Carla Genchi

improviser, singer and composer, objects trouvés player and fartist.

Lucas Alvarado

astral researcher, renaissance musician and soundscape designer.

innassaah is an experimental project who danses between subtlety and aggressiveness.
The duo was born because we wanted to dig into our fears and expectations.
We wanted caress our desires with noise and shouts.

We do this thanks to Joseph Conrad, Julio Cortazar, Anne Sexton, Anna Akhmatova, Maria Cvetaeva, Sylvia Plath, Euripides & Aleister Crowley.



06/10/18 Innassaah. Subsol. Düsseldorf

5/08/18 Innassaah. Spoiler room. Porto

4/08/18 Innassaah. No Noise Festival. Porto

01/07/18 Innassaah. Private event. The Hague

17/04/18 Innassaah. Radio Patapoe. Amsterdam

14/04/18 Innassaah. Butcher’s Tears. Amsterdam

11/04/18 Innassaah. Sotu Festival. OCII. Amsterdam

11/03/18 Innassaah. Les Nautes. Paris

30/08/17 innassaah. Le Hangar – Espace Ephémère d’Arts. Lyon