Antes que las Palabras – new release

This music has been born as an intuitive outcome, or reflections of different pursuits under specific materials. It has been a dialogue between the environment and the soul particular sense.
It is a delicate and intimate work of sound textures and colors, who go far into mystery and a confused imaginary with no border, dancing among electroacoustic music, drone, minimalism, noise and the viola da gamba, as central point of the creative path.
There are almost no musical precedents on this result, in a technical way, apart a few which have not been in my intention. At the same time, letting a vaste field in a continuous process of creation on such a genre and emotional states.
“Antes que las palabras” is standing itself as a no-time and anachronistic piece of work, which can be perceived as a perpetual and successive movement of vibrations, or as a poetical and gravitational system of frequencies, or as a simultaneous complexity, that is calm and chaotic.
Considering the non-perception of time in this whole experience, one of these compositions took many months to be finished, another one took a few hours, but each one has been equally necessary in the course.
Finally, it can be understood as an overlap and transparency of personal gestures, where the last conclusion and meaning will remain on the listener, you.


released May 7, 2021

Artwork by Rodrigo Acevedo

Recorded, produced and composed in Lyon, 2021
by Lucas Alvarado

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